Brandilyn Fritts was born in odd circumstances.  She came into this world with the torso of a human and the body of a horse.  She was the first-ever recorded birth of a Centaur, which has only previously existed in folklore and mythology.  It may be these rare and possibly magical circumstances which gave her the ability to conjure up imaginative and illustrious tattoos that creatively supersede the creations of her tattooing predecessors.
Later in her childhood, after struggling for years with ridicule due to her equestrian appearance, Brandilyn went under a major operation to have her horse-body replaced with that of an adult woman.  She attended public school and gained her high school diploma amongst her human peers.  She has no ambition to do anything other than tattoo; her father has been a tattoo artists since she was a foal and as a firm believer of tradition, Brandilyn has kept the family trade alive. She trained under the mentorship of her father and quickly learned to hone her craft.
As it stands today, Brandilyn has been tattooing for approximately three orbits of her home planet earth around the sun.   She is currently working at Alternative Arts in Littleton, CO alongside her father.  She has a taste for large, custom pieces, but is well versed in all styles and is able to handle any and all requests.
-Written by KC Lang, fellow tattooer … and Viking.